Davido Blends R&B and Afrobeats on his New ‘Son of Mercy’ EP

Nigerian superstar Davido is 23 and has just released his first project through Sony, in the form of his new EP ‘Son Of Mercy’. Hailed by African media as "the flag bearer of the afrobeats movement", it's exciting for us to discover new artists like Davido. Check out Krystal Beasley's review of his EP.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Nigeria, Davido is the recipient of BET’s award for Best African Artist and two MTV Africa Music Awards. The “Son of Mercy” EP is his first project with Sony.

The first thing you notice about Davido is that he has collaborated with many artists (from DJ Snake to Rae Srummerd to Simi) and always manages to remain fresh and enthralling. And his newest EP release, “Son of Mercy”, is no exception.


The lead single off the EP, titled ‘How Long’, features US R&B superstar Tinashe. The song is a beautiful combination of R&B and Afrobeats guaranteed to have you swaying and imagining yourself at the beach on a warm night.

The opening track, ‘Gbagbeoshi’, is a great introduction as it gives us a taste of what the entire EP will sound like. ‘Maga 2 Mugu’ is another standout that effortlessly blends R&B with that African sound. Carefree, fun, and danceable, this is my favourite track on the EP.

‘The Coolest Kid in Africa’ shows us Davido‘s egotistical side and has more of a hip-hop driven vibe, sounding like something that Drake or A$AP Rocky would be part of. All in all, this EP is one to add to the collection, somewhere between Jidenna and Rihanna.

Davido really is the coolest kid in Africa.

*Words by contributor a href=”https://www.quiet.ly/59724″ target=”_blank”>Krystal Beasley