Sweden’s Elliphant Rocked The State Library At Melbourne Music Week

Swedish electro pop outfit Elliphant, the stage name of singer Ellinor Olovsdotter was recently in town for an Australian tour and last week she played her only gig in Melbourne at the State Library for Melbourne Music Week. Our guest writer Krystal Beasley was there to catch her live. Check out her review.
Photo by Lady Drewniak
Photo by Lady Drewniak

Elliphant blew the roof off of the library (yes, the library) for Melbourne Music Week.

“I’ve never performed in a library before,” Elliphant said with awe after she began her set late on Tuesday night. The Swedish artist performed at this year’s Melbourne Music Week Hub, the State Library of Victoria, alongside local artists Yeo, UV Boi and others for one epic night filled with hip-hop, R&B, and soul, co-presented with record label Valve Sounds.

Early on in her set, Elliphant performed one of her lesser known tracks, ‘Stardust’, a collaboration with fellow Swede WDL and then went right into the hit ‘Where Is Home’ which the crowd sang along with and applauded wildly for. It was then that she asked with disbelief and a laugh, “Are we really in a f***ing library?”

She also played ‘One More’ and ‘Loves Me Badder’ (which she cut as the song was almost over saying that “she hates it”, exposing a more vulnerable side of her). And, of course, she performed a few older tracks including ‘Revolusion’, one of her collaborations with Skrillex, ‘Only Getting Younger’, and her collaboration with Major Lazer, ‘Too Original’, which she began by telling the hyped crowd “don’t be afraid of change and how you see the world.”

Elliphant has been touring in Australia this past month, performing in Queensland, Newcastle, and Adelaide. MMW was her only show in Melbourne. The timing of her Australian tour lines up perfectly with the release of her latest single, ‘Stranger’, a collaboration with Australian natives Peking Duk. As she brought the duo out on stage to help her perform their track, everyone in the library hall completely lost it.

Elliphant successfully turned a library floor into one of the sickest dancefloors I’ve seen. Well done, mate.

Words by guest writer Krystal Beasley.
Photography by Lady Drewniak