Louis Baker Unveils Emotional New Single ‘Fade’

Highly regarded New Zealand singer/songwriter, Louis Baker, has unveiled his new single 'Fade,' and is a taste of his forthcoming new music. We're totally hooked on it, and we're pretty sure this song is bound to bring about all the feels for you.

When I went to see Louis Baker perform in Sydney to an intimate audience late last year, there was one song that really captured my attention, and it wasn’t sung until the very end of his set.

Even though the single was still in its raw stages at the time of the performance, the pure intensity and honesty coming through Baker‘s voice as he sang out the lyrics of ‘Fade’ was incomparable to anything I’ve heard or felt before.

I remember almost tearing up when I first heard it that night.

And even hearing it now, via the official release of his new single/video, ‘Fade’ still holds those same raw emotions and goosebumps over my bare skin.

The new song, co-written with Bradford Ellis and Jemma Cooke and recorded at Red Bull Studios in London, is a modern throwback to the golden era of Motown balladeering. Fade is a slow-burn soul number that first sets Louis Baker’s rich, resonant voice to sparse piano, before layers of guitar, drums, keys and warm backing vocals weigh in to support his sentimental tribute to long-distance love.