Watch the Beginning Stages of Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’

Ever since Solange dropped 'A Seat at the Table', critics and fans alike are raving about her new album that centres around racism, sexuality and what’s it like to be an African-American woman in today’s society. Now, the singer is giving us a behind-the-scenes look at just what she did to create her new masterpiece.

After surprising us all with “A Seat at the Table” last week, Solange has decided to drop documentary footage taking behind the scenes of her latest creation.

The 11-minute film takes a look at the album’s beginning stages and features brainstorming and performance sessions with Sampha, Kwes, Chairlift’s Patrick Wimberly, and Solange‘s son Julez.

Early strands of ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ and ‘Mad’ are featured throughout the documentary, which is presented in its rawest form with no explanatory interludes.

“A Seat At The Table, Beginning Stages” is a look at the early days of jam sessions, experimentation, and the exploring of sounds and ideas for the album.

While some of the jam sessions featured did not make the album, they helped to create and identify the sonic tone, and the early lyrics and concepts I wrote for the project.

– Solange