Mr Carmack remixes Ta-ku and Wafia

Mr Carmack has done it again. He's taken the single 'Love Somebody' from Ta-Ku and Wafia’s top release "(m)edian" EP and given it new life. A once saddening track evoking emotion has been flipped it on its head, bringing you all those good vibrations we know Mr Carmack often provides.

It was only a matter of time before somebody – let alone a prominent producer like Mr Carmack – would drop a remix of Ta-ku and Wafia‘s creations.

The Hawaiian producer Mr Carmack himself surprised us all with an official remix of Love Somebody taken from the duo’s EP “(m)edian”, released earlier this year.

Bringing fresh energy to the track, Mr Carmack has created another infectious track with groovy melodies, playful synths, and his signature production of providing those good vibes.