Kanye’s New Tune Has Us Thinking ‘I Feel Like That’ Too!

The visuals for Yeezy's "I Feel Like That" was [unofficially] released this week and if you break it down, it turns the myriad of symptoms surrounding mental health into a bold, unabashed artistic monument. That one of this generation's most visible artists, let alone a rapper, recorded this track is symbolic of the pathways that have started to open up in the global conversation regarding mental health which many often think of - sadly - as the elephant in the room.

Whilst many have only ever heard a bootleg version of this tune, this week, the full video came out for Kanye West‘s ‘I Feel Like That.’

Officially or unofficially? We’re not so sure.

The video was directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave, Hunger) and shot in London. It initially screened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and has previously been available as a bootleg.

The song?

In a word: powerful.

Kanye West is a creative artist in every sense of the word. His various rants may rub you the wrong way, but break down the lyrics of this song, and you’ll find there’s a person underneath all the fame and glamour that Kanye has been thrown into.

The questions asked in the song are completely relatable. We’ve all felt this way at some point, haven’t we? I know I have.

Do you feel tempered outbursts, that you cannot control?
Feeling lonely, even when you are with people, feeling blocked?
Feeling blue, sad, feeling disinterested in things, feeling fearful?
Are your feelings easily hurt? Feeling that people are unfriendly, or do you feel like people dislike you?

It just goes to show that Kanye West is no different from you and I, feeling alienated in a room full of people, unable to breathe, with cold and clammy hands. It’s almost comforting.