Remi’s New Album ‘Divas and Demons’ is a Personal Retrospective

Melbourne hip hop artist Remi and music collaborator Sensible J get ready to share their highly anticipated full-length album, Divas & Demons, out via House of Beige. A hip hop and soul release at its core, Divas & Demons explores their personal experiences from the state of race issues, to the personal demons of relationship breakdowns, depression and the ongoing challenges faced in life. Check out our review of the record now.


We don’t usually write album reviews – we’d just rather listen to the records in our own time and space, revelling in the showmanship of the artist’s work.

Unless we’re really keen on the artist or their stance on certain topics. And in this case, it hits the nail on the head for both.

Melbourne hip hop artist Remi Kolawole released his second LP, “Divas and Demons” today but we had the chance to preview it exclusively before most could get their hands on it.

The result?

It’s a killer.

A personal retrospective from Remi Kolawole and his right-hand man Justin ‘Sensible J’ Smith (collectively known as REMI), the record takes us on a journey that speaks on topics that other artists would only touch upon such as depression, substance abuse, heartbreak and self-doubt.

The difference between REMI and other artists is that he chooses to delve deep into these topics and instead of making it a typical melancholy record, he makes the music funky, funny and fun.

What many might consider “Divas and Demon” conscious rap, we don’t want to place it in a box and give it a label. We love when an artist can get down to the nitty-gritty and just give us their most honest and raw opinions on it. No sugar coating, just their most vulnerable self (and feelings) all laid out on the table.

Featuring artists like Simon Mavin (Hiatus Kaiyote), Sampa the Great, Jordan Rakei, Baro & Silent Jay and incorporating an array of live instrumentation, found sounds & soulful electronics, Divas & Demons proves that REMI’s raw brand of storytelling & deft production is set to entertain the world’s stage and over.

Some words from the duo themselves on release day:

“NEW. ALBUM. OUT. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being real for a second, this album was really hard to make because its some vulnerable and personal stuff. However we couldn’t feel more comfortable than to share it with fans/fams like the ones we got. The support you have shown for every song we’ve released so far makes us honoured to have you. I hope you enjoy the record. (sic)”

REMI and J Smith will be heading on tour later on in the year to promote the new record. Familiarise yourself with some of their best work by purchasing the album RIGHT NOW.

Check out the flyer below for details of the tour.


“Divas and Demons” is out now via House of Beige.