Miu Miu’s Stunning Short Film is a Dreamy Coming-Of-Age Tale

Crystal Moselle, the acclaimed director behind the cult favourite documentary "The Wolfpack", has been tapped by high-fashion label Miu Miu to create a short film for its ongoing 'Women’s Tales' stories. 'That One Day' is a tale of friendship, empowerment and belonging. Watch the trailer now.

In a short and dreamy biographic tale, Miu Miu presents “That One Day”.

Crystal Moselle of “The Wolfpack” directs the short film, which is meant to be a biographical tale about a teenager who finds her place in an all-girl skate crew.

Starring 18-year-old real-life skater Rachelle Vinberg and other members of all-girl New York crew The Skate Kitchen, the dreamlike film marks Moselle’s first foray into scripted work – but remains firmly rooted in the biographical.

Although the glamorous clothing is the only part not true to the story, Miu Miu‘s clothes integrate very naturally into the film.

After recently premiering at the Venice Film Festival, we’ll have to wait to see when “That One Day” will be released in full, but catch the trailer above.