Common Asks For A Call To Action with the Help of Stevie Wonder

Common shared a politically-charged video for his single 'Black America Again,' earlier this week, which included the heartbreaking footage of Alton Sterling's shooting. In the song, Common addresses the race issues within America that have led to this type of injustice. Watch Common’s powerful video for 'Black America Again' featuring Stevie Wonder right now.

Whilst I’ve been here in NYC, there is not a day where I haven’t been able to switch on the news and see another innocent person shot dead or seriously injured around the country.

Multiple artists have been using their platforms to address the continued, senseless violence against the black community at the hands of police brutality, but few have depicted it as powerfully and as visually arresting as Common.

The hip-hop artist recently unveiled the powerful visuals for ‘Black America Again,’ which will serve as the title track for his upcoming album.

‘Black America Again’ opens with footage of the shooting of Alton Sterling and continues to layer itself with powerful real-world imagery, including shots of Malcolm X mid-speech. Layered in between the imagery is beautiful rendered shots of black men and women in moments of grief, all taken in close-up.

As hard as it is to watch, it’s a MUST that you watch it and share it. This may be happening more so in America than anywhere else, but the point is that it’s happening – almost every day.

See black people in the future
We wasn’t shipped here to rob and shoot ya
We hold this truth to be self evident
All men and women are created equal, including black Americans

‘Black America Again’ was produced by Karriem Riggins and Robert Glasper and along with Stevie Wonder, features Esperanza Spalding on bass, scratches by J Rock, strings by Patrick Warren and ad libs from Chuck D and MC Lyte.