Frank Ocean Releases The Visuals for ‘Nikes’

Ladies and Gentlemen, the wait is finally over! Frank Ocean has FINALLY graced our ears with some new music. After more than a year of teasing us of a new album release, this week he has given us a new visual album in the form of "Endless", and today has released the visuals for his new single, 'Nikes'.

After the release of visual album “Endless” yesterday, we were left with speculation as to what Frank Ocean would be doing next. Now it appears that rumours of the album possibly titled (but maybe not anymore) “Boys Don’t Cry” “Blond” would be arriving this weekend are building traction, with non-Endless track ‘Nikes’ just released into the world with a stunning film clip.

The song has two distinct moments, with a pitched-down and pitched-up vocal interplay making up the first half of the track, with tributes to A$AP Yams, Pimp C, and Trayvon Martin. The later part of the track features Frank’s distinctive, unaltered vocal.

Watch the (NSFW) film clip above.

Oh, and while we have you, we’re not gonna bother telling you to stream the album. Instead, we highly recommend you purchase the album because it’s all anyone is going to be talking about for a while. Jump on board RIGHT NOW.