Watch The First Trailer For ‘White Girl,’ A Raw Portrait of NYC’s Youth

Elizabeth Wood’s debut feature film, 'White Girl' is an unflinching depiction of what this adolescent nihilism looks like in a rapidly gentrifying New York City, and the ways in which it leads to sexual, economic, and institutional exploitation. Check out the film's first trailer now.

Premiering at this year’s Sundance, “White Girl”, is a realistic coming-of-age movie that is flooded with cocaine, backseat sex, and one or two corner-office blow jobs, to be sure, but you’ve got to look past the nudity.

“White Girl” might follow a coke binge, but it’s telling a much more subversive story.

In the movie, Leah (Morgan Saylor) is a bong-ripping sybarite whose blonde hair and lucrative privilege takes Blue (Brian Marc) under her spell. “White Girl” made headlines at its Sundance premiere for lots of sex and lots of drugs, but whiteness — and the immunity it begets — is at its core.

“White Girl” isn’t perfect (its narrative centres on whiteness a little too much), but its rawness is dizzying. Maybe you haven’t done fistfuls of coke or fallen into the fever dream of 19-year-old love. Though, these elements are only the setting for a larger conversation addressing occupying and navigating different worlds, realities divided by gender, class, and race, and what happens when they all collide.