Regina Spektor Announces New Album and Releases First Single

Regina Spektor fans, your bleeding heart bleeds no more -- the singer is finally back with brand new material! And, of course, it's filled with Spektor's trademark quirky, imaginative lyrics. Verdict: It was well worth the wait.

To the delight of her fans (including us!), Regina Spektor has announced the release of her new album “Remember Us to Life”, coming out at the end of September.

This is the singer’s first album since 2012’s acclaimed “What We Saw From the Cheap Seats”, and this return with the first track is already sounding like the classic Regina sound we’ve come to love.

‘Bleeding Heart,’ accompanied by the always-present piano notes from the artist, hits both slow and fast tempos, and the infectious track is already stuck in our heads with its repetitious chorus.

Hit play above and listen to it for yourselves!