Watch ‘We Live This’: A Short Documentary by James Burns

Check out this documentary short by James Burns shedding light on the aspirations and personal struggles behind New York City subway dance crew 'We Live This'.

This is a story of four young boys who have come together to pursue their dreams. Most New Yorkers who ride the subway have opinions about them, but what lies beneath these young performers is more than what meets the eye.

A heartfelt exploration of what drives this dance group to perform, in its brief run-time, “We Live This”, written and directed by James Burns, manages to not only introduce you to these four boys from the projects, but gets you to emotionally invest in their stories.

It’s interesting to see the perception of the commuters on the subway, before the boys start their show and their reactions afterwards.

“When I’m dancing, I feel powerful. I feel like I’m free. The sky’s the limit.”

Shot over the course of four days, Burns and his small crew have not only created a film of great emotional depth, but also a film of impressive technical accomplishment. The photography is crisp and atmospheric, the edit slick and driven – it truly is a short deserving of multiple viewings.