Listen to Bishat’s New Single ‘Mine’

Emerging Swedish talent Bishat is streaming her latest single, ‘Mine’, the follow-up track to her stand-out debut single ‘Sober’, which she self-released earlier this year.

We’ve become major fans of Swedish singer Bishat ever since she entered the scene late last year with a mash-up of Daniel Johnson/Lykke Li/The Weeknd songs and calling it, Some Things.

Since then we’ve been following Bishat‘s progress and with each new creation she delivers, the more our love grows for her.

Her new single, ‘Mine’ is a must listen. The emotional weight and the honesty in the lyrics are portrayed in her sweet, honey-coated vocals against a mid-tempo production from Tamokillme.

Nothing left I’m a mess trying not to tell you about it

Thinking of what to say, think it’s too late anyway 

Laying low I don’t know how to even trust in trying’

Wrap that up all together with a nice pretty bow and you’ve got a slice of something that’s a mix of neo-soul, R&B and pop.

Speaking about the track, Bishat says:

“It’s about a relationship where the fears of repeating your mistakes are causing those same issues. I can be so bad at having those tough conversations about feelings- in the end it kills you if you don’t, but it’s so much easier for me to write about it.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Bishat is an artist you need to have on your radar. #ThankUsLater