‘China: Grain to Pixel’ Has Launched at the Monash Gallery of Art

MGA (Monash Gallery of Art), Australia’s only gallery dedicated to the collection and exhibition of photography, announces "China: Grain to Pixel", an exciting international exhibition presenting a survey of Chinese photography over the past 150 years for the first time to Australian audiences.

China - Grain to Pixel_Chen Man

A never before seen exhibition has launched at the Monash Gallery of Art earlier this month.

For the first time, “China: Grain to Pixel” will be showing outside of China and moving to Australian shores to reveal images of life in China you may have never knew about.

This highly anticipated exhibition will unveil a unique insight into China’s recent history as told through the stunning evolution of a culture made visual via the lens.

China - Grain to Pixel_Jiang Zhi

MGA Director Kallie Blauhorn believes the works offer an intriguing insight into the somewhat obscure history of Chinese photography, from an era of black-and-white documentary images through to imaginary contemporary visions.

China: Grain to Pixel will be the first from-then-to-now survey of Chinese photography presented in Australia,” said Blauhorn. “The exhibition showcases a beautiful range of images, which illuminate the breadth of visual culture in China.”

China - Grain to Pixel_Luo Dan

“China: Grain to Pixel” features 150 works by 70 Chinese photographers including: Chen Man, Cai Shanxiong, Han Lei, Jiang Zhi, Li Lang, Luo Dan, Liu Heung Shing, Yang Yongliang and Zhang Yaxin.

“This exhibition allows audiences to contemplate a more obscure history of old communist China and to see how Chinese photography got to where it is today. Over the last decade, photographic techniques were absorbed and repurposed within the unique context of China. This exhibition documents the evolution of these photographic practices as well as showcasing the country’s political, social and cultural development.

China - Grain to Pixel_Maleonn

While there is seemingly endless access to beautiful images of the modern and fashionable China we know today, the photographers of the past were navigating their way through a range of different cultural values and agendas. This exhibition captures a domestic sense of wonder with the ‘Chinese outback’, a sense of curiosity with the place of the individual in the collective, and a sense of hope for the future that China now occupies.”

China: Grain to Pixel
Exhibition Dates: 5 June to 28 August 2016
MGA Location: 860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill, Victoria,