Ta-ku and WAFIA Collaborate Together and Decide to ‘Meet In The Middle’

Ahead of their two performances at the Sydney Opera House next week, Ta-ku & Wafia have shared a new collaborative track 'Meet In The Middle', the first single off their joint "(m)edian" EP out August 5th. Listen to the mesmerising tune right now.

After collaborating together on American Girl and Heartburn, Australian artists Ta-ku and Wafia have decided to take their musical connection to another level by collaborating on an entire EP together.

Titled “(m)edian”, the EP will be released worldwide on August 5th and they’ve given us a first taste of their EP by sharing their new single, ‘Meet In The Middle’.

“‘Meet In The Middle’ is truly a collaborative effort between me and my friend Wafia. All aspects of the song tell a story that runs parallel to both our lives. Compromise is sacrifice.”Ta-ku

As expected from both Ta-ku and Wafia, the single is an emotional tune providing us with all the feels.

It’s an anthemic ballad which will instantly make you feel connected to the duo’s gentle and intimate vocals as they address their most inner thoughts and feelings to each other as the song goes on:

“People have opinions, doesn’t mean I have to listen
There’s something ’bout you that just keeps me compromising
Don’t speak your language, I’ll be fluent in the morning”

“This song came out of a need to write about a very personal experience that both Reggie and I shared independently of each other. ‘Meet In The Middle’ is about finding the middle ground to communicate that to someone.”Wafia