Radiohead Have Left Us ‘Daydreaming’ With Their New Release!

Radiohead are BACK!! And they're releasing a new (digital) record this weekend!! It's definitely been a minute since they released some new material so we're beyond excited about this announcement. Click on for a taste of what's to come from the new record, via their new single 'Daydreaming'.

I’ve missed Radiohead.


And I know I’m not the only one.

Radiohead have released a haunting new single, ‘Daydreaming,’ from their highly anticipated – and as-yet-untitled – ninth studio album, which arrives digitally on May 8th and in all physical formats on June 17th!!

They also unveiled an elaborate, maze-like video directed by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.
Press play above to watch their latest offering. It’s like watching a movie. So good!

Radiohead are masters of mystery, but they know when to strike when it matters.

I am officially counting down to the time when I can hear the new Radiohead record in full. Til then, ‘Daydreaming’ will be on repeat.

They never learn
They never learn
Beyond the point
Of no return
Of no return

And it’s too late
The damage is done
The damage is done

This goes
Beyond me
Beyond you