Melbourne Label MOGA Contributes to the Education of Young Women in Pakistan

Melbourne's newest fashion label MOGA is empowering women all over the world, uniting them through fabric and colour. MOGA is also a social enterprise which sees 20 per cent of its profits go towards helping girls attend secondary schools in countries where they do not have equal opportunity to learn. Click on the pic to find out more.

MOGA's 'SPECTRA' Collection

MOGA is a new fashion label and social enterprise start-up from Melbourne that’s about to turn heads.


Inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant laneways and street culture, their 100% silk shawls and scarves are bold, eccentric and daring.

What’s even better? 20% of the profits go to CARE Pakistan to help young women in Pakistan get the education they deserve.

Owned and founded by 22-year-old Advertising graduate Azahn Munas, the start-up
“was born out of the desire to celebrate self-expression and to unite different communities of people around the world through their love for fashion.”

At a time where headscarves have become a rather contentious topic, MOGA wishes to challenge negative stereotypes and remove the stigma surrounding this multi-purpose garment.

“At the end of the day, a scarf is a piece of fabric and can be worn in so many different ways by so many different people. It should be something that brings people together as opposed to keeping them apart. We at MOGA want our customers to be empowered every time they put on one of our scarves; to feel like no one or nothing could bring them down when they look so good.”
~ Azahn Munas.

MOGA’s ‘Spectra’ collection which is due to be released next month, can currently be pre-ordered online.

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