MBFWA: Emma Mulholland Took Us To Another Planet with Her Resort Collection

When Emma Mulholland made her debut as one of four TAFE students chosen to present a range at Australian Fashion Week, she immediately stood out as a designer with a lot of promise. This year, she returned to #MBFWA with her Resort Collection that took audience members to outer space. Seriously. Photography by Jess Brohier.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection

Once upon a time in 2013, we interviewed Emma Mulholland when she was labelled as one of “Australia’s hottest young designers” (We think she still is.) and so to see her go from that interview all the way to the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia? Wow.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_2

Emma Mulholland does not do anything half-assed. She’s an ambitious woman and a designer that will go all in on a concept and that was definitely the case with her Resort 17 Collection at this year’s Australian Fashion Week.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_3

Guests were invited to travel to outer space with a collection drawn from the misfits of Araki films and the Internet age. The astral notes were plenty: planetary platforms, sequin rocket ship embroideries, a print with flame-haired astronauts, and enough star sequins dotted under models’ eyes to populate a galaxy far, far away.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_4

Fittingly, the show closed with the Beastie Boys’s Intergalactic:
“You stick around, I’ll make it worth your while,” declared Mike D in the opening verse. Yes, Emma Mulholland definitely did just that.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_5

Whilst The 5 to 9 Life didn’t get an official invitation to review the show; lucky for us, our photographer Jess Brohier is also a fan and decided to jump into the crowded media pit to grab us a few snaps and tell us what went down.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_6

Whilst 90% of the looks are a far stretch to what we would be able to rock on our local streets on a daily basis, what we see Emma Mulholland‘s designs to be is art. It is meant to be admired and appreciated.

Plus, with all the recent drama/backlash that went down at the Misha Collection show with Bella Hadid and an army of white women strutting down to Beyonce’s single of celebration of black women and empowerment, Formation, we thought it was very important to point out that Emma Mulholland was not one note with the curation of her models, and chose to cast a culturally diverse group of white, Asian and coloured women. You go, Glen Coco! (Sorry, had to.)

Photos captured by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.

EMMA MULHOLLAND Resort 2017 Collection_7