MBFWA: Australia’s Top 3 Designers Presented In The SWIM Showcase

As part of Australian Fashion Week this year, they decided to focus on "RESORT" which would then align themselves to the overseas markets which has been said is a very smart move by those in the know. We were invited to see one show that celebrated the "resort" collection of 3 designers in the SWIM showcase. Photography by Jess Brohier.

SWIM feature

The SWIM runway saw the top three top swimwear designers heat up the catwalk and present their Resort 2017 Collections: Aqua Blu., Duskii and Palm Swimwear.

Don’t worry, I haven’t heard of any them either.

But then again, I’m not really up on the trends and following the designers in terms of swimwear and “resort”.

But in saying that, this runway show wasn’t all that inspiring, to say the least. Aqua Blu, who was the last designer to showcase, caught my attention in some of their designs but you’ll see how basic the other designs were. Basic black, basic white. Monochrome. Nothing exciting. It was hard to choose great photos/looks for this post.

You’ll see what I mean. I’ll be honest: this was my least favourite show this week. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better with all the emerging designers showing their collections.

Are you ready? Just remember, don’t expect much. LOL



DUSKII’s collection was meant to transport us into the world of Arabic Africa (according to the notes of the handout waiting for us on our seats) but the only thing that remotely referenced that world was the music. It was also meant to “guarantee effortless glamour, opulent beauty and exotic allure”, but as you’ll see in the snaps below, it did not do that.

DUSKII Resort 2017 Collection_2


“Qualia” was the name of their collection and was created to be “a visual exploration of the powerful emotions that result from our most cherished summer experiences.” It was meant to be fused with romance, ease and grace. Maybe to some, sure. But to me? Not really.

PALM SWIMWEAR Resort 2017 Collection


AQUA BLU Resort 2017 Collection

The “Chase The Sun” collection from AQUA BLU was the best of the three, in my opinion. They weren’t afraid to incorporate colour and draw attention to the eye with the details. Plus, they really went all out with that floral embellished design. But seriously, who the f$%! is gonna wear that to the beach? Maybe it was designed to not get wet? Whatever, I’m already over it.

Photos captured by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.

AQUA BLU Resort 2017 Collection_2