Listen to Matt Corby Perform ‘Oh Oh Oh’ During A Live Soundcheck

Matt Corby and his band recorded this live version of 'Oh Oh Oh' during soundcheck at their third night at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne earlier this month. Check out his incredible vocal range.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Aussie artist Matt Corby perform live more than once.

The first time it was a strange experience as with most crowds in Sydney, the audience is rowdy, they’ll chit chat and yell out obnoxious things to the artist while they’re performing. Ask any Sydney concert punter and I’m sure they’ll tell you that I’m right on the money.

With Matt Corby‘s performance though – at least for 90% of the show – the audience was silent. When he stepped up to the mic, you could practically hear a pin drop – especially when he would play without his band. It was an experience to hear him perform live and get whisked away in his incredible vocal range.

So it’s great to find out that he hasn’t lost that performance edge that makes him stand out amongst other artists like him. His latest single, ‘Oh Oh Oh’ has given the visual treatment of a live performance he did during soundcheck in Melbourne earlier this month.

Usually, soundcheck is just a rough run-through of what will be a better performance later for the audience, right? Imagine how the live performance with a full crowd would have been like. Love.