Jennifer Kate’s Curation of Her MBFWA Show Was So On Point

This year for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, #the5to9life team were invited to their first off-site show - our one and only, but it was exciting nonetheless. And best of all, it exceeded all of our expectations! Check out our thoughts on Jennifer Kate's international resort collection. Photography by Jess Brohier.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection

Last night, the unexpected happened.

The 5 to 9 Life team were invited to attend our first off-site show!

Last year, I read about the shows being off-site and being driven to another location to attend for the set hour, but I never dreamed that the opportunity would come so soon, as cheesy as that sounds.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection_2

Jennifer Kate showcased their international resort collection at Byron Kennedy Hall, Fox Studios Moore Park last night and once we stepped into the Hall, we were immediately transfixed by the set design of a life-sized floral installation created by Mr. Cook from a vision brought to life by The Artistry.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection_3

Wow. Just wow. And the show hadn’t even started yet!

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection_4

Set on a circular runway around the Byron Kennedy Hall, the beautiful models were seen strutting looks that were simple, yet sophisticated – all of which I wanted to take home and give it a home in my wardrobe.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection_5

Jennifer Kate‘s resort collection saw elegant cut-out silhouettes from her signature suede and leather in a bright and bold colour palette of burgundy, red and green. Each model had their own strong and unique look, and the natural make-up complemented each look which reinforced the colours and the styling.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection - The Final Walk

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection - The Final Walk (Close Up)

The show also had a custom created mix by DJ Jonny Butz-Taranto mixing Flowers of May and Bauuer’s ‘Temple’. Watch the final walk below and embrace yourself that music. They’ve gained fans in The 5 to 9 Life and we want to hear more.

The Final Walk of Jennifer Kate's Resort Collection at MBFWA 2016 from the5to9life on Vimeo.

The Jennifer Kate show has been our favourite thus far this week and so we’ve thrown out the rulebook of the best 10 looks because well, we can! đŸ˜›

We sifted through so many photos but here are the looks we felt were worth sharing.

All photos captured by Jess Brohier for The 5 to 9 Life.

JENNIFER KATE Resort 2017 Collection_6