With a series of pop and R&B anthems in her holster, Grammy-winning artist Brandy has announced her very first tour to Australia this year. Bringing a live band along, Brandy has a new single called 'Beggin & Pleadin' to promote when she's in town, though you'll definitely be hearing classics like 'The Boy Is Mine', 'I Wanna Be Down', 'What About Us?' and more. Click on the pic to find details of when and where you can see her perform.

When ‘The Boy is Mine’ came out onto the radio airwaves and the clip of Brandy and Monica would show on Video Hits (90s babies from Australia will be able to relate to this show), I remember there use to be discussions on who we preferred out of the two girls – Which one did we relate to more?, Who was prettier? Who had the better voice? etc.

I was only a teenager when this song came out, and whilst I thought Monica was prettier, it was Brandy whom I really connected with. Yes, my siblings introduced me to her via I Wanna Be Down (and I still love that song to this day), but it was her “Never Say Never” album that I loved.

I loved that CD. Yes, CD. Vinyl wasn’t that popular back then and I don’t know if the mp3 had come into existence yet but Brandy‘s “Never Say Never” was one I would listen to everywhere. In the car, in my Discman (remember those?), in my room – everywhere! I waited years and years for her to announce an Australian tour but it never happened.

Finally, my teenage dreams are coming true. As lame as that sounds, I cannot wait for Brandy to perform here. It’ll be her first ever shows in Australia and she’s only hitting up Sydney and Melbourne for two exclusive shows, so if you’re a massive fan of hers (like me!) you better be buying a ticket because who knows when she’ll be back?!?

Don’t miss the chance to see one of the most popular R&B singers of all time perform in Australia for the first time.

Monday 20th June – SYDNEY, Enmore Theatre.
Tuesday 21st June – MELBOURNE, Hamer Hall.

Pre-Sale: Tuesday May 3rd 8am
General Onsale: Thursday 5th of May 8am

Mark it in your diaries and set your alarms. Good Luck!