Listen to Marian Hill’s New Pop Gem ‘I Want You’

Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd aka Marian Hill, a duo from Philadelphia, are invested in a bass-heavy yet soulful soundscape that is quite alluring, but also at times curious. And that's certainly true with their new single. Check it out now.

If you’re in the mood for something that’s both relaxing and well-crafted, then Marian Hill should be added to your playlist.

The duo, now with Republic Records, has been pumping out stylish, jazz-infused pop for a couple of years now, but has always managed to somehow stay under the radar for some.

But not for us.

We’ve been fans of Marian Hill for awhile now, and their new single, ‘I Want You’ rattles virtually from start to finish, weaving in and out throughout the track, contradicting the song’s otherwise calm, sleek exterior.

Don’t make me play this game

Don’t have the time to waste
Don’t need to read my mind
Cause I’ll just tell you straight