Kota Banks Discovers Who Her True Friends Are With ‘N.F.F.A’

Meet emerging Sydney artist Kota Banks. Her sound is fun electronic pop, and her new single 'N.F.F.A' is testament. Throw in some bold and honest songwriting and this is an artist #the5to9life team can get behind.

This year alone, I’ve had a few raw and reflective conversations with my good friends, about getting to that stage in your life and discovering who your true friends really are.

Whether it be known from the conversations you have with them and it’s what they ask you; or if they spin every brunch-date to be all about them. Or when you’ve been down and out and had to disappear for a few months, it’s the moment when you come back out to face reality and discover who is out there waiting for you with open arms.

I’ve seen this happen. Not only in my own life but with people I have genuinely connected with; the same people who have discovered who is in their life for the right reasons and not there to judge you or use you. I’m at the age now where I just don’t have the time or energy to care. #truth.

There are too many fake, judgemental and selfish people in this world that don’t deserve a second chance (or glance). Sorry Not sorry for this rant, because it perfectly describes what Sydney artist Kota Banks is singing about in her new single, ‘N.F.F.A’ aka ‘No Fake Friends Allowed’.

Her new single sees two worlds of music collide. Produced by MOZA, the single is full of infectious drops, hooks, melodies teamed with honest songwriting and an electronic beat that I don’t really love. However, the bold fusion of sound celebrates true friendship whilst giving the proverbial finger to fake friends.

Yes, yes, yes!

Can you imagine this tune without the electronic production and the lyrics are sung against an acoustic guitar or piano? Hm.. I can definitely picture it.

Now my world is a pretty emotion
Shining and loud
And I can’t let you slow down the motion
So do not come through if you know we’re not down
There’s a rule that I keep
Keeps both of my feet on the ground
Just me and my real ones
Don’t let no other fu-mothers surround