Hip-hop and Jazz go hand in hand with Koi Child

Fremantle seven piece hip-hop/jazz outfit Koi Child recently announced the release of their debut self-titled album and to celebrate they played a few shows across the country last month. Claire Benito caught the show in Sydney to see how the nu-jazz hip-hop collaborated interactively live on stage full of freestyling, grandiose horn harmonies, obnoxious synth leads - the works!

Koi Child Gig Review

As the seven-man band assemble on the stage, I’m excited and curious.

Left of centre, there are three jazz heavy-hitters: trombone and, not one but two saxophones. On the other side: drummer, guitarist, keyboards. In the centre sits chief lyricist, waiting to enter the fray.

I’ve been excited and curious about Koi Child ever since I heard they combined hip-hop and jazz. It seems like an obvious combination now that I think of it, but until now I hadn’t really heard much of this genre other than The Roots.

Koi Child - Cruz Patterson

Koi Child didn’t disappoint – they dish out the energy of hip-hop alongside the unpredictability of a jazz improvised jam.

Throughout their show each element gets their solo: One moment Kevin Parker is embracing the stage, arms out, shooting out his sharp, fast rhymes. The next moment is owned by the saxophonists and trombonist, who takes care not to whack keen audience members in his fervour.

This is a band for those who like to mix it up, where both rhymes and melodies lead you down a road and then throw you off the track.

Koi Child Gig Review_2

Koi Child
Thursday 17 March, 2016
Newtown Social Club

*Words and photography by Claire Benito.
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