Benjamin Francis Leftwich Shares New Single ‘Tilikum’

Taken from his new album "After The Rain", Benjamin Francis Leftwich is sharing the video to his new song ‘Tilikum’ - the effortlessly beautiful and honest opening track from his upcoming second album, due out on August 19th through Dirty Hit. Check it out right now.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich clearly wears his heart on his sleeve. How do I know this? Just listen to this new single.

Leftwich’s voice and musical ability showcases the type of music that could accompany you as you fall sleep – and I don’t mean that in the sense that it’s boring – no, not at all. What I mean to say is that the elements of the song, in terms of vocals, melody and production have all been crafted quite beautifully, all of which could send you into a whimsical daze.

That’s the feeling I get from ‘Tilikum’.

Be my rose, growing in the cold
Be my light in the window at home
Be my sun, rising in the sky
Be my time bond lover, tonight

The hurt he is feeling can be heard in his voice as he sings every word, painting the lyrics of the song.

When it came to finding a location for the video Leftwich adds: “I really wanted to film something special in a really desolate but beautiful part of the world to convey the sense of loneliness and desperation vs the future and hope that I feel in the song.”