Watch Part One of ‘Nike SNKRS Presents: Masters of Air’

In a classic case of an 'if you didn't know, now you know' moment, today is Air Max Day. Yes, that is actually a thing. And to celebrate, Nike SNKRS commences the worldwide debut of Masters Of Air, a multi-part documentary that highlights the more Air Max-crazed individuals in the world and the fuel that drives their passion.

“Some people call me obsessed. I say it’s a passion. Imagine life without sneakers.” – Stevey.

The Air Max.

I’m not a sneakerhead by any means but I do like to wear sneakers and I am a fan of the Air Max. I don’t have many to my name but I like the design(s) and the comfort level of the shoes. That’s really what it’s all about for me. Give me sneakers over heels any day of the week!

Today, on Air Max Day (at least in Australia/New Zealand), Nike SNKRS presents its multi-part documentary, “Masters of Air”.

In Volume 1, we get an introduction to a select group of “Masters of Air” hailing from all around the globe – from Amsterdam, London and Paris to Tokyo, Berlin and Las Vegas. They share their favorites and their grails before the documentary touches down in Beaverton where Tinker Hatfield, the man whose design for the Air Max 1 changed everything, weighs in.

Note: Whilst Nike refers to them as “Masters of Air”, you would probably refer to them as sneakerheads.