Sydney Harpist Teams Up with Daniel Johns For His New Single

Jake Meadows is a Sydney musician who brings a contemporary approach to the harp and his new single with collaborator Daniel Johns is a clear and honest portrait of his imprint. Check out the single 'Echo of Tomorrow' now.

“Jake Meadows is a poet with too many notes. A musician with too much to say, a true original who inspires and rolls music into movies.”

^^ At least that’s what his Soundcloud profile says.

And from what I’ve heard about him through googling him and his music, I’d say that is pretty much true.

Sydney-based musician Jake Meadows has a new EP in the pipeline, and to help gain some momentum ahead of its release, the talented troubadour is unveiling his haunting new single, ‘Echo Of Tomorrow’, featuring renowned Aussie muso Daniel Johns.

Meadows is known for being a master musician of what someone would call a “different” instrument – the harp. And of course, he incorporated the instrument in his new single, accompanied by his vocal which is showcased as dark and moody, whilst John’s appears in an almost ethereal echoed form. No pun intended.

‘Echo Of Tomorrow’marks the first taste from Meadows’ forthcoming EP, “Good Company”, which is set for independent release in the near future.

In the meantime, Jake Meadows is indeed an artist to keep on your radar.