Sia Drops a New Music Video for Her Latest Hit ‘Cheap Thrills’

Apart from having a great set of pipes, Sia knows how to churn out a good video clip. Her videos are always kinetic and well-choreographed – and the mesmerising, simple style of her new vid for 'Cheap Thrills' is no different.

There’s an Aussie songstress on our bucket list that we’ve always wanted to watch live, but we’ve never had the chance to do so: Sia.

Can you imagine her powerful vocals booming through the speakers at the Sydney Opera House? We can dream, right? 😉

Until that dream comes true, we’ll have to make do with Sia’s live TV performances and her video releases. Case in point: Sia dropped some new visuals for her single, ‘Cheap Thrills’ this week.

Aside from her dynamic vocals and honest songwriting ability, Sia‘s impactful videos feature contemporary dancers delivering the message in her songs. Once again, she collaborates with Maddie Ziegler, the child prodigy from Dance Moms who first debuted in Sia‘s ‘Chandelier,’ as well as two new male dancers.

Complementing the reggaeton rhythm of the song, the dancers deliver Ryan Heffington’s high-energy contemporary choreography in the spotlight while the singer herself remains obscured in shadow in her unmistakable two-tone wig.

Watch the full video above.

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