Michael Christmas Has Delivered a 2-Song Special in March

There's a new artist we want you all to keep on your radar: Michael Christmas. Yep, that's his name. And this weekend, he dropped two new tracks for something he called the “Michael Christmas March Madness 2-Song Special.” Time to put your headphones on and discover the magic of Michael Christmas.

A couple months ago, a friend of mine who’s always in the know with new and upcoming artists, put me on a tip to check out Michael Christmas.

At the time, I remembered the name and admittedly forgot to check out his music.

Today, I saw his name popping up on my social feeds and something in my mind clicked.

I hit play and found myself nodding along to his tune with the hook of ‘Bubblin’ repeating over and over in my head.

The songwriting and production of both singles are fun and witty over some great beats. Michael Christmas shows a flow that is unhurried and layered with razor-sharp wit, plus how can you ignore that infectious laugh as he ad-libs his recordings at the start? He pokes fun at himself, the industry, and mankind with effortless punchlines – which makes him stand out amongst all the other rappers trying to make a name for himself, don’t you think?

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