It’s Time To Pour Some ‘Honey’ on Kenzie May

There's no denying the talent of Boston-born, London-raised artist Kenzie May. Her new single, 'Honey' mirrors the struggles of love in her (literally) honey-filled music video and the song itself is a sophisticated slice of soul-pop.

We’re a bit late to discover London-raised artist Kenzie May but we’re so glad that we have.

In her startling one-take video above, she performs a piano-led version of her tumultuous love song ‘Honey,’ while the sweet liquid itself pours into her eyes and mouth.

It quickly turns from something delicate and beautiful into something difficult and kind of gross—which is exactly the point she’s making about relationships.

“‘Honey’ is a song about a relationship that has reached its climax and the realization that it’s in decline. It’s one of the more honest songs I’ve written in recent times. It tells a story that’s become familiar; falling in and out of love, trying to save something that may not be worth it anymore, only to make it worse.” ~ Kenzie May.

The messy visual was inspired by a quote from Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis: “Once, I saw a bee drown in honey, and I understood.”