FKA Twigs Directs Herself in New Video ‘Good To Love’

FKA Twigs' new single 'Good To Love; is a more stripped down kind of song, which features her powerful voice above the instrumentals. And the new visuals for the single is dynamic and seductive, accompanying the lyrics perfectly, as she glides across our screens in Calvin Klein underwear with dance partner Kaner Flex. Go on, watch the video. You know you want to. ;)

Fresh from her sexy and seductive campaign shots for Calvin Klein, singer/songwriter FKA Twigs has directed and starred in her new video, ‘Good To Love’, which also happens to be a campaign video for the iconic fashion label.

In partnership with the brand, FKA Twigs directed and edited the black and white video in which she and dancing partner Kaner Flex show off their sensual moves and their instantly recognizable CK underwear at the same time. After contorting their bodies in every form imaginable, the clip culminates in a surprising burst of color, as Twigs lands onto a massive pile of blue jeans.

FKA Twigs explained the inspiration behind the video in a statement, saying, “I guess it’s kind of tongue in cheek, fun, sexy but still with the emotional ignition and openness that I always aim to achieve when I direct. I wanted to make something that could feel artistically futuristic, tense, crucial, loaded, emotionally complicated but ultimately still include the seductive, free and young feel of Calvin Klein.”

Simply beautiful.