All PJ Wants Is To Be ‘Gangster’

Atlantic Records’ artist PJ is one to watch in 2016. The singer/songwriter does not hold back when it comes to showcasing her originality through songwriting, and her new single, 'Gangster', is an honest song that captures the buzzing artist speaking on a need for a stronger personality.

I truly think this song was made for someone like me. Someone who has always been typecast as “the nice girl”.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t and that I could just be badass.

But.. it’s just not in my nature.

This song by singer/songwriter PJ though makes me feel like a girl (like me) can definitely dream.

Before you start thinking that the song may be full of references to all things that are not nice, ‘Gangster’ produced by D’Mile, is more up-tempo than what you would expect.

On the single, the LA native tells of her daily experiences with cruel people who irk her and makes her re-consider the idea of being a respectable, nice girl. Totally relatable.

PJ‘s full-length project, “Rare”, set to drop April 22nd. Keep your eyes peeled for it.