Vince Staples Levitates in ‘Lift Me Up’ Video

2015's XXL Freshman Vince Staples delivers an alluring video for "Summertime '06" standout 'Lift Me Up.' Directed by David Helman and Dustin Lane, it turns the song's title literal as Staples is levitated by invisible forces while rapping through his city. Check it out.

Vince Staples has shared a new music video for ‘Lift Me Up’, one of the stand-out tracks from his 2015 album “Summertime ’06”.

‘Lift Me Up’ is all about social stratification and upward mobility… or lack thereof. The video is a literal metaphor. Staples’ dead body enters the afterlife by rapping the song around the industrial shores of his native Long Beach before ascending to the heavens.

“Life ain’t always what it seems, so please just lift me up”

Vince Staples is currently in Australia for the Laneway Festival and we’ll be catching him perform live tomorrow at Laneway Festival. Our team will also be at his Sydney sideshow next week. What a treat for us! đŸ˜€