Sydney Experienced A ‘Special Affair’ With The Internet Last Thursday

Conjuring a striking combination of R&B and neo-soul, the LA-based band played to a sold-out crowd in Sydney last Thursday evening and we were there to catch the action. Click through for our review.

Have you ever gone to a concert not knowing what to expect? Well, last Thursday heading to The Internet concert at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney I had no idea how the night would turn out.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) is a group that brings about an immediate reaction. Whether the undying admiration of their legions of super fans or the visceral hatred expressed by many who see the band as misogynists; one thing is true, people have an opinion about Odd Future.

Doesn’t matter if you love them, hate them, [have] listened to one song – or none; there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve heard about them and you have something to that say about them either as a collective or as individual artists.

But many of these opinions are more often than not focused on rappers Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, the Creator, and to a lesser extent Frank Ocean.

The Internet, one of the lesser known bands within the group, have largely escaped both public opinion and commercial success all while receiving relatively positive critical reviews of their music catalogue.

And last Thursday evening they were in town to play to a sold-out crowd for one of two Sydney performances as part of their commitments to this year’s Laneway Festival.

The Internet isn’t so much interested in pushing their public persona, but are more focused on creating something truly unique; a sound that is both consistently difficult to pin down but easy to love.

That was clear throughout their performance at the Oxford Art Factory with everybody singing along, grooving and grinding to each and every song. Trust me on the latter, because I was stuck between two couple who were doing so. My friend Thandi can vouch for me on this one. #awkward

The Internet were supported by Melbourne based singer-songwriter and musician JAALA, and she was described in the promos as a “rising local star”, but what we heard was a musician who seemed confused with the music she was creating. I don’t know if the audience was enjoying it but as Thandi mentioned, “music is supposed to make you feel good” and the music of JAALA did not. Aren’t the support acts supposed to be a similar type of vibe to the headline so you can get in the mood for them? JAALA seemed like the total opposite of The Internet. She certainly wasn’t our cup of tea.

If you’ve ever been to the Oxford Art Factory, then you’ll know that there are two rooms to the venue, and as we wanted to escape whatever sounds JAALA was making, we ventured on next door to find the soothing sounds accompanied by a beautiful voice in the form of Joe Mungovan. If you get the chance, you should definitely check him out. He does a killer live cover of MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’.

The Internet in Sydney 2016

Back to the main room, we secured our spots on the upper balcony behind a line of people. As a little shorty, if there’s some aspect of me being able to see the stage, I can manoeuvre my way slowly to the front throughout the night, which eventually did happen. Yiew!

Smartphones were held up and ready to start flashing and recording as soon as the band hit the stage. I’ll admit I was one of them but I promise, I wasn’t doing it for the entire show.

The R&B/soul-esque group performed a vast amount of songs from their entire catalogue for over the scheduled hour (Alas, no encore!) including ‘Get Away’, ‘Girl’, ‘Gabby’, ‘Special Affair’, Under Control, and ‘Just Sayin” which required the audience’s participation during the hook, yelling out “You f*cked up!” Even if you didn’t want to, it was something that you just couldn’t help but join in on.

**EDIT** Here’s a little insta clip of that audience participation:

A video posted by @the5to9life on

I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about witnessing Syd tha Kyd sing live. I’ve seen a few clips on YouTube and they weren’t great, but I was proven wrong that night. Syd’s vocals are incredibly powerful and you could just feel the passion she has, particularly in her performance of ‘Palace/Curse’.

The energy in the room was electrifying as Syd’s soft, yet sultry vocals penetrated through the crowd, accompanied by the beautiful jazzy, synth-riffs of the keyboard, the smooth bass guitar, and the piercing drumbeats.

I also managaged to grab the full live performance of ‘Dontcha’, which you can watch above. Still love that song to this day and I was determined to get that intro! It’s a little blurry at the beginning, but it gets better – TRUST!

Love, love, loved their live show. And I had the pleasure of watching them again at Sydney’s Laneway Festival over the weekend. #spoilt.

The Internet
Thursday 4 January, 2016
Oxford Art Factory