Penthouse Penthouse x Maribelle Want to Know Everything ‘About You’

Just in time for the lovers on this Hallmark holiday... Melbourne's Maribelle and LA-based duo Penthouse Penthouse have created a catchy R&B feel good song that will have you pressing 'play' over and over again. Check out 'About You' now.

Maribelle is making moves worldwide with her soulful vocals by collaborating with such artists as Djemba Djemba(US) and SertOne(IRE).

A few hours ago, LA-based duo Pentouse Penthouse revealed their new single with the young Melbourne singer/songwriter.

Clearly influenced by the 90s era of R&B, ‘About You’ is all about Maribelle’s sultry pop vocals laid against a jazzy and R&B-infused beat production from the Team Supreme producers.

Listen to the infectious tune above.