LION BABE is Back with New Single ‘Where Do We Go’

Ending 2015 on a high with a feature on Disclosure's Grammy-nominated album and a few surprise appearances in Australia on Disclosure's recent tour, New York-based duo LION BABE, formed by producer Jillian Hervey and vocalist Lucas Goodman, is finally BACK with a new single! It’s confirmed as another taste of the duo’s highly-awaited debut album which will be released worldwide this week!

LION BABE was one of our favourite discoveries out of 2015 and if you’re already familiar with their music, you’ll know that they don’t really create the music of one particular genre, taking influences from anywhere and everywhere.

That’s most likely why they piqued our interest. They’re different. And they don’t care what anyone thinks. They’re creating to create. Their sound is organic. Lucky for them, it’s all worked out.

The single is vintage laced with modern moments: think disco with strings, horns and keyboards laced with a ceaseless stream of programmed percussion that glides across the top of the track.

Check out the visuals above and prepare to be mesmerised.

“Lying on the bathroom floor
Paint a picture in my mind
All my tears are out the door
Times have changed, but I’ll be fine
Unlock all your secrets that matter
Found a new part of me
I don’t wanna be a question, no
I just wanna be the word”

LION BABE‘s debut record will be released this week on February 5th (worldwide). Mark your calendars.

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