Brooklyn Made: This Short Film Explores Brooklyn as a Brand

Spike Lee and his Agency recently made this film about Brooklyn the Brand. But what makes Brooklyn, well, Brooklyn? Is it Biggie Smalls? Is it that hard accent? Is it an all-encompassing creativity? Well, director Spike Lee and his agency sought to make a video responding to that question(s). Check it out. You may learn a thing or two.


New York City’s most populous borough is now an international brand… and a very valuable one. You can’t argue with that.

No man has more effectively served as an unofficial spokesperson for the city within a city than director Spike Lee. And so, his ad agency, Spike DDB, which is based in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood, was the perfect shop to work on a project summarizing lessons marketers can draw from the city’s rise.

“Titled Brooklyn Made, this 10-minute film taps into Brooklyn’s “brand managers”–leaders, entrepreneurs, and makers who are invested in the brand, leveraging the brand in their business or involved in some form of commerce as a result of the Brooklyn phenomenon which has seen the NYC borough over the last 20 years become a growing home to major entrepreneurial growth and innovation.”