Bishat is ‘Sober’ and Wants You to Know a Thing or Two

After getting our attention last year with her vocal mash-up of her favourite songs on 'Some Things', Swedish singer/songwriter Bishat has returned to 2016 with the debut of her new single, 'Sober'. It's pop mixed with elements of soul within layers of synths that highlight her confident vocals. Intrigued? Listen to the tune right now.

Swedish songstress Bishat had some buzz through the blogosphere at the end of last year when she dropped a vocal mashup called Some Things, But for her first offering of 2016, Bishat decided to unveil an original single, ‘Sober’, which is a raw and fuzzy pop tune full synthesized layers between those sweet vocals.

‘Sober’ is bold and honest with touches of vulnerability and the raw emotion from her vocals really touches your soul and makes you feel all the things. <3 “Sober is a song about the early stage of a relationship that you think has so much potential and the painful realization you’re not getting what you need. It’s a story about attraction, alcohol and 4 AM decisions and the trickiness of looking at things soberly.” ~ Bishat.