90’s British Girl-Group All Saints is Back With Their Comeback Single

20 years after they debuted, the all-female four-piece still sound so good and you can listen to the first take of their new album, "Red Flag" via their new single, 'One Strike'. Click on the pic to have a listen.

Shaznay Lewis. Nicole and Natalie Appleton. Melanie Blatt.

Growing up, I was a big, big fan of these four girls who formed 90s girl group, All Saints.

Admittedly, their debut self-titled album was released in 1998, and was one of the first CDs I bought with what little pocket money I had. #truestory

Earlier this year, the rumour mill went a little crazy when there were whispers that the ladies were grown and would be making a comeback with new music.

Well, it’s time to dispel those rumours, cause here’s their new single, ‘One Strike’.

Shaznay wrote ‘One Strike’ (which we think is really great, by the way) about Nicole Appleton’s marriage to Liam Gallagher and had this to say about it:
“It’s about conversations I was having with Nic at the time when she was going through personal things in her life, and as a friend I was just inspired to write about it … The phrase ‘one strike’ is about how your life can just change in one instant. You can be walking down the road, you’ve just left your family at home and everything’s hunky dory, then when you go back home they’re gone. On one side of the door your life’s amazing, on the other side it changes just like that.”