Watch VICELAND’s New ‘NOISEY’ Trailer

The first trailer for VICELAND's new documentary series will be looking into the most interesting music scenes around the world. VICE continue to be game-changers in online media with their diverse, high quality content and this new music doc series 'Noisey' looks no different.

In case you didn’t already know, VICE is launching a new TV network called “VICELAND”.

On March 1st, a new music-themed series called NOISEY (not to be confused with their music blog of the same name) will premiere on the network.

The series is executive produced by VICE’s Andy capper and proclaims itself to be “most original music documentary” on television. Zach Goldbaum will host the show and travel worldwide to explore different cultures and music.

From Compton to Las Vegas, London to São Paolo, NOISEY closely follows the artists defining music while reflecting on and reacting to the socio-political issues within the cultures that produce them.

This is something we’re definitely looking forward to viewing.

Watch the trailer above and be sure to tune in online on March 1, 2016.