Wafia Sold-Out Her Headlining Performance at the FCxMCA Party

Last Sunday, we were in attendance for a sold-out FCxMCA party - an immersion of contemporary art, music and good times in the spectacular surrounds of the MCA Sculpture Terrace. Check out our review of the night. Above photo captured by FCxMCA.

Last Sunday, on the rooftop of the MCA in Sydney, we were in attendance for a sold-out FCxMCA party.

Hosted by Future Classic and the Museum of Contemporary Art, the show was announced sold-out weeks ago and was so glad we were able to grab tickets to Wafia’s debut headlining performance in Sydney.

With only 300 people in the crowd, the show was somewhat intimate with a nice backdrop of the Sydney Harbour as our view.

It was impressive to also see an all-female line-up for the entire night alongside Wafia and Sampa the Great with DJs Valerie Yum, Nite Fleit, and Eric & Arnold doing great work as support, keeping the crowd entertained and energetic for the headlining performance.

We were there from start to finish, and although at the beginning, we stayed in the back, by the time it was due for Wafia to take the stage, we were almost at the front. It pays to be petite sometimes to fight your way through the intoxicated young crowd.

The DJ supports were great although we’ll admit that we were not familiar with the names. And Sampa the Great definitely stood her ground on that stage delivering an effortless performance. After winning the ‘Next Big Thing’ award at the 2015 FBi SMAC Awards the previous week, it was the first time that we had heard her perform live and her flow was straight fire! (Insert airhorns.) She definitely has a new fan in The 5 to 9 Life!

That morning, Wafia shared on social media that she was not feeling well but wanted to get better in time for her Sydney performance. Perhaps it was the Lemsip recommendation from her fans or the tea she was sipping from a mug all night; whatever it was, you would not have been able to tell that she was unwell – well, aside from a cough or two away from the mic.

Nonetheless, her voice was sweet, celestial and really beautiful. Joined on stage with a friend who worked the beat machine and keyboards, the pair performed a flawless set of very solid originals, weaved in with some excellent covers including Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’. All in all, the performance was a set of great beats, coupled with Wafia’s smooth, incredible vocals – all of which provided a dreamy, ethereal vibe.

Highlights from the set were the heartbreaking ‘Untitled’, her cover of Mario’s RnB hit, ‘Let Me Love You’, and the Ta-ku produced ‘Heartburn’. Wafia gave us all the feels that night with an incredible live performance.

Not wanting to constantly be recording on our phones that night, we strung together a bunch of videos that we did take from the night. The lighting and editing isn’t great, but we tried. There are no professional videographers on our team.. yet. Haha. Press play on the video above and enjoy.

If you have yet to jump on the Wafia bandwagon, it’s time to get on board, because she’ll be touring the country in March and we recommend that you don’t miss out on grabbing yourself a ticket! We received ours in the mail this week. See you there!

*Words and photography captured by The 5 to 9 Life.
Cover photo captured by FCxMCA

FCxMCA – Wafia & Sampa The Great (SOLD OUT)
January 16, 2016
MCA Sculpture Terrace