Sydney Celebrates ‘The Genius of Dilla’ Next Month

For the latest installment commemorating the 10th anniversary of his untimely death and release of the "Donuts" album, a line-up of artists & DJ’s from Sydney will be paying homage to the man who shaped a new sound for hip-hop that inspired beatsmiths, MC's and music lovers around the globe next month. If you're a fan of the late, great hip-hop producer and will be in Sydney on 13th February, you need to be at PLAY BAR. Click on the photo for further details.

Much like Melbourne did last month celebrating the life of Dilla, Sydney has decided to put on its own night of live music performances celebrating the 10th anniversary of J Dilla’s phenomenal record, “Donuts”, with a special one-night-only event.

For many musicians, artists, and producers alike, James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla was ahead of his time. He was a progressive thinking hip hop producer that unfortunately the world lost on February 10th, 2006. Rest in Peace.

“Everyone has genius within them, but not everyone, for whatever reason, manifests it. But Dilla did. He stood for taking a great risk on different levels, for continuous hard work and for courage. He is a modern genius because he captured and represented the spirit of a particular time. What he did was so deep that he has influenced a huge amount of modern music. In an age when many of his peers are still more interested in vanity, Dilla was more interested in exploration through music. And that is why he is a modern genius.” ~ Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

A perfect monument about a producer that we all wish was still actively making music and inspiring so many around the world. *insert emoji prayer hands*

Grindin’, Keep It Movin’ and April77 Creative are presenting an exclusive night with some of Sydney’s best talent to pay homage to the one and only Jay Dee.

The Goods Feat. Godriguez (Live set)
Mike Who
Josie Styles
The Groovedealers
Krystel Diola
Benny Hinn

“There are many talented beat makers and producers, but there will only be one J Dilla.”

If you believe that to be true and have no plans for the 13th February, come on down to PLAY BAR and join in with Dilla fans/enthusiasts for what is set to be an epic night.

Proceeds from the night will go directly to The J DILLA Foundation.

Details in the flyer below which also shows dates for Wellington and other national states.
SYDNEY - The Genius of Dilla