Sweden’s Bishat Mashed Up Some of Her Favourite Songs and Created ‘Some Things’

Bishat is a new Swedish artist with roots in Ethiopia and Eritrea. With dark pop vibes mixed with influences from contemporary R&B, Bishat's mash-up single, 'Some Things' is mellow, modern and soulful.

Swedish RnB singer Bishat is causing quite a stir in the music blogging world with a fantastic vocal mash-up of her favourite songs.

“I mashed some of my favorite tracks together and created this song called ‘Some Things’.” ~ Bishat

So what are her favourite songs that she’s recreated in this mash-up?

Daniel Johnston – Some Things Last a Long Time
The Weeknd – Often
Lykke Li – No Rest For The Wicked

With roots in Ethiopia and Eritrea, it’s clear that Bishat’s writing and producing skills (she co-produced the above mash-up) are influenced by soul and contemporary vibes, creating dark and mellow tones.

Love, love, love! <3 Bishat's first single, ‘Sober’, is due for release in January 2016 and we can’t wait to hear what else this mysterious singer has up her sleeve.

She’ll definitely be on our radar in 2016. Will she be on yours?