Legendary Street Artist Futura Painted a New Mural in NYC

Once again the Houston Bowery wall in New York City held stage for another incredible and powerful mural work. This time by one of the founding fathers of NY streetwear and Urban Art, FUTURA 2000 who won favor on this great wall.

Photography duo WATCHxWITNESS were recently making their way through Manhattan when, (apparently) they chanced upon legendary street artist Futura working on a brand new mural on the famed corner of Houston and Bowery, a spot known to house various significant street artworks in the past.

The photography pair, comprised of Jason Goldwatch and 13thWitness, then proceeded to capture the event. 13thWitness, by the way, is Futura’s son so I’m not sure if this really happened by chance or if his own father tipped him off.

Throughout the day, the burgeoning public piece attracted the attention of both curious bystanders and familiar fans alike.

Nonetheless whether this filming was by chance or not, ss the photographers document the interaction between Futura and his audience, it is inspiring to witness the creation of a new work of art as it develops before your very eyes.

Check out the full video above.