#THEHANGS Celebrates NEHZUIL With An Exclusive Sydney Showcase

Sydney! This Wednesday evening, the only place you should be is a PLAY BAR where they, along with Behind The Front, will be presenting an evening of soul celebrating the city's best and underground artists. Click the photos for all the details.

Our good friends Behind The Front and PLAY BAR Sydney have kicked off a new series of events recently and this week, they’re presenting a showcase of some of Sydney’s most prominent soulful artists for one evening only.

“We showcase who we’re vibing in whatever artistic discipline/format, striving for artistic freedom and expression. One thing is for sure, they must inspire and make us feel something.

#TheHangs is about getting together to head nod with strangers and finding that common love for a sound that rarely gets played in club nights.

“As long as they inspire and make us feel things, we’re going to share.”

This Wednesday, the night will be built around one very talented artist & producer NEHZUIL and supporting him will be a variety of guest vocalists and performers all of whom will showcase some of their local talent – Milan, Chux, Kun & MXXWLL.

I had their pleasure of being in an exclusive studio session with NEHZUIL a couple of years ago when the Soulection team were here for their first tour, along with a couple of other talented musicians from Sydney. It was completely off-the-cuff but the magic that ensued that night was somewhat of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I say that because nothing was recorded. It was more of just a jamming session between producers and vocalists.

In saying that… I may have a few recorded clips on my phone that I’ve yet to release to the world. 😉

But that unforgettable evening kicked off at PLAY BAR so it’s rather fitting that this exclusive showcase is being set at the OG spot.

For all you Sydneysiders that love soul, neo-soul, RnB and the fusion of these genres, you’re sure to want to catch NEHZUIL live. Trust.

Details in the flyer below.
Wednesday, 6 January – 8pm
Free Entry.
See you there! 😀


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