Tei Shi Wants You To Come and ‘Get It’

Tei Shi has been able to rise above the rest in pop music, and in such a crowded scene, this is a pretty remarkable feat. She’s done her part by releasing consistently quality pop music that, alongside her angelic vocals, has always been something you can appreciate and remember. Check out her latest single/video.

Cut together with footage contributed by NASA from their Cassini Mission satellite that tracks Saturn and its moons 24/7, Tei Shi has unveiled her latest music video for ‘Get It’ taken from her breakout EP, “Verde”.

Watch the official video above.

Championed by the likes of NYLON, The Guardian, Pigeons and planes, NOISEY, FADER and BBC’s 1’s Annie Mac, Tei Shi was crowned ‘Most Blogged Artist of 2014’ on Hype Machine.

Make sure you keep an eye on what she does next in 2015/16. 😉

Baby, I know that you’ll come and get it,
when you’re good and ready (ready).
(get it, get it)
I know that you’ll come and get it when you find you’re good and ready (Ah, Aah, Ah, Aah)