Nike Basketball’s Latest Campaign Encourages You to ‘Bring Your Game’

A group of young athletes visit the homes of LeBron, Kyrie, KD, Kobe and more to discover their personal routines - and try to decide, who could possibly be their favourite ball player. Would you be able to choose?

Nike Basketball‘s latest campaign, ‘Bring Your Game’ follows a group of young athletes who are on a mission to choose their favourite basketball player.

In order to do so, they visit the homes of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Paul George, Kevin Durant, Elena Delle Donne, Kobe Bryant and Kyrie Irving in a comedic short showcasing each of the player’s daily routines and quirks.

While the film includes light-hearted scenes around yacht fishing and spirulina cake, the themes are rooted in the respective player’s lives. For instance, Kyrie Irving is incessantly dribbling, even during dinner, as he used to wrap basketballs in plastic bags to prepare for unpredictable bounces. Also, Paul George is seen casually fishing on the edge of a yacht but is actually an avid fisherman, competing in tournaments and even winning a few trophies. Read more interesting facts about your favourite players here.

View the entire clip above and stay tuned over the next week for more ‘Bring Your Game’ content.