G-Eazy and IAMNOBODI Have Been Waiting All Their Lives ‘For This’

G-Eazy serves up some mood music with the IAMNOBODI-featured 'For This.' The production features the constant drip of water and smooth vocals, creating a laidback, cool sound. G-Eazy is also touring Australia next March. Yiew!

Oakland rapper G-Eazy shares a new song from his new record, “When It’s Dark Out”, enlisting Berlin Soulection artist IAMNOBODI for this silky number ‘For This’.

Over smooth, relaxed production, G-Eazy tells the common tale of finally reaching success after “waiting ages” for the moment he could turn around and buy his mom a car and get himself a mansion.

For me, it’s all about that lyrical connection. I’ve talked about this many times.

And G-Eazy‘s flow and story-telling style is one that I can definitely connect with.

I thought it never would happen
I swear I waited for ages
Had faith in the journey
I said “let’s see where it takes us”
We want gratification
But see it happens in stages
With a team on my back
A couple times might have cracked
But never broke and I can hold them in fact

P.S Did you know G-Eazy will be travelling around Australia in March 2016?! Excited, much? Indeed. Check out the flyer below for the deets and dates.
G-Eazy Australian Tour 2016